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About Us

Vaccine Hunters Canada was founded with the mission to connect eligible Canadians with vaccination appointments and get more shots in arms. Since March 2021, the group has grown to include a network of volunteers from “coast to coast to coast,” all of whom have worked tirelessly to provide answers, information, and support to Canadians on several online platforms: Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

On August 31, 2021, with vaccines more widely available across the nation, Vaccine Hunters Canada pivoted away from posting daily on social media channels and toward a "self-serve" model of finding vaccines, available at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the Vaccine Hunters? How did you start?

The Vaccine Hunters are a volunteer community dedicated to helping Canadians get vaccinated against COVID-19. Our story begins with our founder, Andrew Young, who was inspired by the US site while trying to book vaccinations for his parents in Ontario. He bought our domain name on March 19, and set up the Discord server and Twitter account. The rest is history. Since March, over 100 people have volunteered with VHC, and a community of hundreds of thousands of Canadians has worked together to help get one another vaccinated.

I'm a member of the media and I'd like to write about you/interview Vaccine Hunters. How do I go about that?

Thank you for your interest! Please e-mail [email protected]

How many people have you helped?

The nature of sharing information on publicly accessible platforms means that we do not keep track of numbers, but we know it's in the thousands. If you combine our Discord and social media channels, we have over 427,000 followers (at their highest: 283,000 on Twitter, 71,000 on Discord, 61,000 on Facebook, 10,100 on Instagram, and 1,877 on TikTok). We know that many people have shared information found on our platforms with others. Additionally, our self-serve tool, Find Your Immunization ( ), has had over 2 million unique users.

As you pivot your operations, what is staying active?

Our website ( will remain active, including our free multilingual self-serve tool, Find Your Immunization ( ), our Vaccine DIY pages ( ), and our Vaccine Help SOS form ( ). We also have Resources about vaccines and vaccination available for Canadians.

Our social media channels will be inactive, but will not be deleted. Although we hope there won’t be a need for these channels in the future, we won’t be shutting them down altogether, just in case.

Will your social channels start up again when kids under 12 become eligible, or if boosters are necessary?

All of the tools on our website will remain active, and we'll evaluate whether our social channels can add value in either of those scenarios as well.

Did you receive any funding?

No, Vaccine Hunters Canada is an independent, nonpartisan, volunteer-run community. We have no official affiliation with any level of government, public health unit or corporate entity. We have no political, government or business ties. We have not accepted any donations to support our efforts. If you would like to thank us, check in with your family, friends, and coworkers, and direct them to our resources if they need help finding a shot! You can also consider donating on our behalf to The Frontline Fund .