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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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A. How Vaccine Hunters Canada Works

Vaccine Hunters Canada (VHC) is a community of volunteers. Our mission is to help Canadians navigate the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, understand the complexities of vaccine eligibility, and connect eligible Canadians with appointment opportunities. Our motto is "neighbours helping neighbours, coast to coast". We feel an urgent sense of duty to work together so we can all move beyond this critical moment in the COVID-19 pandemic and begin reopening our communities. Although we obtain information from some Public Health Units, we are not officially linked to any level of government and we are not providing medical advice.

VHC aggregates information about vaccine eligibility and availability from a wide variety of sources. Some of these include:

VHC contributors verify the information they find/receive and send out updates to our audiences through a variety of channels. Some of these include:

This all results in valuable, up-to-date information being shared with the public on our established channels. You can visit us on Twitter , Facebook , Discord or the Vaccine Hunters Search tool we have developed to find what you’re looking for!

B. How do I find a vaccine for me or my friends/family??

Although it may seem confusing or intimidating to find a vaccine for yourself or your friends/family, to begin:

1. Check Official Canadian or Provincial Vaccine websites:

The official or Provincial websites are a great place to check for up-to-date information about eligibility, timelines and how to book a vaccine appointment. For example, Manitoba’s Provincial Site offers a Vaccine Finder where you simply enter your postal code to find the closest options available to you. Information changes daily on any of these websites, so it’s a good idea to check your local Public Health websites too.

Vaccine Hunters Canada posts updates on our social media channels as soon as we’ve verified the information. You can view our posts on Twitter , Facebook , or Discord .

If you find an appointment through one of those sites, congratulations you’re all set! Please continue to #payitforward and help a friend, family member or neighbour get vaccinated.

If you can’t find an appointment or you’re not eligible yet, we put together information that is shared on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and the Vaccine Hunters Search Tool. Keep reading to learn how to access and use these options.

2. Twitter (@VaxHuntersCan)

We have an engaged community of volunteers who are actively searching, verifying and posting the latest information about vaccine availability and eligibility across Canada on our Twitter account .

Our tweets are categorized by province and when possible, postal code. This allows you to search for information that is useful for you. If you’re new to using Twitter, you can sign up for a free account at . You can also check out their “Getting Started Guide ” to learn more.

How to search for Vaccine Information for your specific Postal Code on Twitter:

You’ll get the most up-to-date information we have on that postal code. You can also search using other keywords and hashtags (e.g. search “#vhcON M3J” to find our posts relating to the M3J postal code in Ontario, search “#vhcBC 18” to find posts relating to 18+ availability in BC).

How to get Twitter notifications:

If an eligibility group you're watching out for is coming up soon OR you'd like to be notified whenever we tweet (please note we cover all Canadian provinces/territories), you can click on the notify icon. You're free to click on it again anytime to opt out of notifications.

A screenshot of the Twitter account highlighting the notify button

3. Facebook (Vaccine Hunters Canada)

Like and follow our Facebook page where you can search for the same helpful vaccine availability and eligibility tips that we post on Twitter. Once on our Facebook page, you can scroll through and browse posts to find information that is relevant for you, or you can use the search bar to enter keywords (e.g search M3J to find posts relating to availability in that postal code).

Note: If you are not on Facebook and want to create a Facebook account click on the link above and click on the “Create New Account” icon then follow the directions.

Don’t forget to share our posts with your Facebook friends and help us connect as many people in Canada with information to help navigate the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, understand vaccine eligibility, and inform them about their booking options.

A screenshot of the Facebook account

4. Discord (Vaccine Hunters Canada)

Join our Discord Server , a place where you can participate in discussions specific to your city or neighborhood's vaccine rollout. Vaccine Hunters Canada has many, helpful volunteers on Discord who can help answer questions for you and can help guide you towards specific locations where you might be eligible to get your vaccine.

If you are looking for someone to answer general questions about certain eligibility requirements or questions about booking a vaccine appointment all over Canada, our Discord is probably the best way for you to connect with someone, since we have so many active volunteers in this platform. Currently, the server has 40k members with dozens of active volunteers ready to answer your question.

Discord is a free app - here are some quick tutorials that will help get you started:

A screenshot of the Discord chat

5. Use the Vaccine Hunters Canada Search Tool:

Vaccine Hunters Canada has been posting helpful tips about vaccine availability via Twitter, Facebook and Discord. You can also find all of the tips and information we have shared on our Vaccine Hunters Canada Search tool, located here , where you can narrow your search by province, age group, and postal code. Once you enter your information, you’ll be presented with information that matches your search criteria. The information is sorted from newest to oldest.

A screenshot of the Vaccine Hunters Canada Search Tool

C. How can I help?

1. Help us by sharing information

Follow us on Twitter and retweet messages that will be helpful to your followers. Like our tweets that resonate with you. Tweet to us and let us know if we were able to help you access a vaccine as a result of the information we shared. We love hearing your good news vaccine stories! Post your vaccine-day selfie to Twitter and use the hashtag #VHCvaxxie for all to see!

Like and follow our Facebook page, and share posts with your Facebook friends. You can comment on our posts to let us know if we were helpful in securing you and your friends and family a vaccine.

2. Send us vaccine tips and information

If you have information about vaccine availability, we would love to hear from you! You can submit a tip using this web form.

3. Can I make a donation?

A few people have asked how they can support us. We don't need any donations, but our healthcare workers do.

Please consider donating to The Frontline Fund which will distribute donations across Canada:

4. Pay it forward

If the information we’ve shared has helped you access a vaccine, please pay it forward. We encourage you to reach out to every single person you know—friends, family, co-workers, members of your community, neighbours, people who you know where English or French may not be their first language—and help them get a vaccine if they are eligible.