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New Brunswick COVID Vaccine Website

Current New Brunswick guidelines

Dose Date Calculator

• Book at a vaccine clinic here
• Contact a pharmacy here (see list of participating pharmacies)
• Walk-Ins at select Community Vaccination Clinics and Mobile Vaccination Clinics: list of upcoming walk-in clinics

• Limited amount available via special appointment only
• Must be 18+ to be eligible
• To schedule call: 1-833-437-1424 or email [email protected]

What to bring to your Vaccination Appointment
• Bring your medicare card (or health card if from another province).
• Wear a short-sleeved shirt or a shirt with sleeves that can easily be rolled up.
• Bring a mask with you. You will be required to wear a mask at all times.
• Record of vaccination if receiving a second dose.
• New Brunswickers are asked to bring a signed consent form (if you can’t print one, a consent form will be available on site)
• New Brunswickers eligible for third dose will be asked to sign a statement attesting to their eligibility.

• The paper record provided is and will continue to be your official record
• Individuals 16+, who have a New Brunswick Medicare card and have been provided with a Registration Sheet when they received their vaccination, will be able to register for a MyHealthNB account to securely access their rCOVID-19 information. Children under 16 who have a New Brunswick Medicare number will also receive a registration sheet, that will allow a parent/guardian to add the child to their MyHealthNB account using the child’s registration code and view their COVID-19 information. More information here.

If you received your dose outside of New Brunswick and have lived in New Brunswick for at least four weeks, you can register for your next dose.
If you received a dose of COVID-19 vaccine outside of New Brunswick, please reach out to your local Public Health office. Contact information can be found online.
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Last updated: 2022-03-18 7:26pm (Eastern Time)

* When booking appointments please review eligibility/availability on the the clinic/pharmacy's website