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Alberta (20)

Alberta Health Services Government2021/03/21 21:06:09
Allin Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/04 20:37:07
Calgary Coop Pharmacy2021/04/21 00:48:34
Chaparral Pharmacy - Remedy's Rx Pharmacy2021/07/17 16:20:18
Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:23:53
Highland Green Remedy'sRx Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/08 11:42:18
iCare Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/18 17:34:01
Landmark Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/27 00:31:01
London Drugs Pharmacy2021/05/10 13:40:43
Marlborough Medical Clinic (Northgate Village Plaza) Pharmacy2021/07/09 18:01:09
Medicine Shoppe #398 Killarney Pharmacy2021/05/09 04:01:43
Nolan Drugs Pharmacy2021/05/11 23:13:15
Revive Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/26 13:47:54
Rexall Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:26:15
Safeway Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:09:41
Save-on-Foods Pharmacy2021/05/02 14:52:46
Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:28:30
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:27:21
Universal Health Pharamcy Pharmacy2021/05/26 19:26:20
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:38:57

British Columbia (9)

Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:24:08
Government of British Columbia Government2021/03/21 21:12:54
Heart Pharmacies Pharmacy2021/04/29 13:43:47
London Drugs Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/09 21:17:28
Saanich Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy2021/05/11 15:18:28
Save-on-Foods Pharmacy2021/04/29 21:27:38
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:27:35
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:11:18
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:39:05

Manitoba (9)

#ProtectMB Government2021/03/21 21:13:25
Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:24:23
Exchange District Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/06/18 17:19:32
Government of Manitoba Government2021/03/21 21:14:02
GreenCrest Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/06/18 17:19:11
Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:28:46
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:27:49
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:11:44
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:39:10

New Brunswick (7)

Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:24:32
Government of New Brunswick Government2021/03/21 21:15:07
Lawtons Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:10:04
Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:29:01
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:27:55
Sobeys Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:10:19
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:39:17

Newfoundland and Labrador (4)

Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:24:45
Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Government2021/03/21 21:15:35
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:19
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:11:53

Nova Scotia (6)

Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:24:51
Government of Nova Scotia Government2021/05/02 02:34:02
Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:29:34
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:26
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:08:21
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:39:20

Northwest Territories (2)

Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority Government2021/03/21 21:19:38
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:45

Nunavut (2)

Government of Nunavut Government2021/03/21 21:20:16
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:49

Ontario (65)

Aaniin Community Centre Government2021/05/26 10:24:13
Brant County Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:22:59
Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:20:25
Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:23:43
District of Algoma Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:23:30
Durham Region Government2021/03/21 21:09:20
Durham Region Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:20:44
Eastern Ontario Health Unit Government2021/05/02 20:05:18
Eastern York Region Municipality2021/03/21 21:11:42
Elisabeth Bruyère Hospital Hospital2021/05/09 14:06:04
Food Basics Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/04 23:09:24
Government of Ontario Booking Wizard Government2021/03/21 21:07:58
Government of Ontario Pharmacy Vaccine Locations Pharmacy2021/03/21 21:07:36
Grey Bruce Public Health Municipality2021/04/29 13:19:02
Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:23:07
Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District - Are You Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine? Municipality2021/04/29 09:22:48
Halton Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:22:41
Halton Region Municipality2021/03/21 21:11:28
Hamilton Municipality2021/04/30 11:55:21
Hastings Prince Edward Public Health Municipality2021/04/28 12:13:08
Humber River Hospital Hospital2021/03/21 21:11:17
Huron Perth Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:22:12
Lambton Municipality2021/05/13 09:27:47
Lambton Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:19:28
Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit Government2021/05/01 17:41:45
Markham Corners Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 10:20:21
MedCare Clinics @ Riverview Heights Municipality2021/04/29 11:48:21
Metro Ontario Pharmacy2021/05/04 23:08:59
Middlesex-London Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:23:38
Niagara Region COVID-19 Vaccination Municipality2021/04/27 21:47:43
North Bay Parry Sound Municipality2021/04/18 02:19:40
North York General Hospital Hospital2021/03/21 21:08:28
Oshawa City2021/03/21 21:11:02
Oshawa Clinic Bookings City2021/04/18 02:21:26
Oshawa Clinic Group City2021/05/11 14:47:20
Ottawa Public Health City2021/03/21 21:10:52
Peel Region Municipality2021/03/21 21:10:34
Peterborough County-City Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:19:48
Porcupine Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:21:37
Region of Waterloo Public Health Municipality2021/05/08 07:40:07
Region of Waterloo Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:22:22
Renfrew County and District Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:22:50
Rexall Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:26:07
Rexdale Community Hub City2021/05/06 15:59:58
Scarborough COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Hospital2021/04/14 23:48:37
Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:28:11
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:30
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit Municipality2021/04/29 08:46:36
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:09:11
Sobeys Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:10:31
Southwestern Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:22:04
Sudbury and District Public Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:20:00
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Hospital2021/03/21 21:09:43
Timiskaming Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:20:15
Toronto East Health Network Hospital2021/04/15 23:16:18
Trillium Health Partners Hospital2021/03/21 22:29:08
UHN Hospital2021/03/21 22:31:25
Unity Health Toronto City2021/03/21 21:09:01
VaccineTO City2021/03/21 21:07:05
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/28 02:06:38
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:23:14
Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Municipality2021/03/29 22:18:12
William Osler Health System Hospital2021/05/02 06:12:06
Windsor-Essex County Health Unit Municipality2021/04/18 02:21:53
York Region Municipality2021/03/21 21:08:41

Prince Edward Island (4)

Government of Prince Edward Island Government2021/03/21 21:16:55
Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:29:52
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:34
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:12:18

Quebec (4)

Clic Sante Government2021/03/22 17:26:55
Government of Quebec Government2021/03/21 21:17:48
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:38
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:39:27

Saskatchewan (7)

Costco Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/03/21 23:24:59
Government of Saskatchewan Government2021/03/21 21:18:20
Leader Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/05/11 14:42:57
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:41
Sobeys Pharmacy2021/03/23 14:09:28
The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy2021/05/10 10:06:11
Walmart Pharmacy Pharmacy2021/04/29 20:39:32

Yukon (2)

Government of Yukon Government2021/03/21 21:20:43
Shoppers Drug Mart (online form) Pharmacy2021/04/02 11:28:52

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